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As an effort to make things more transparent and cost effective for clients, I have updated the pricing structure for the kinds of services DPG offers and added a few new new items.

Web Development
New website/application projects and addons to current websites will be estimated based on the nature and scope of work.

Bug fixes, internal system updates and tweaks will continue to be charged at $110/hr.

Search engine optimization to ensure your website is competitive on search engines will be reduced to $90/hr.

Content Services
We will now be introducing new content services for clients looking for copy editing, content creation, and translation work. Billed at $50/hr.

Graphic Design
Graphic design services are now available with services as design mockups, marketing material and branding for your website or business. Billed at $60/hr.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and does not include any taxes or surcharges.

New prices will will be effective December 1st, 2019